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A small green tin candle labeled "Appalachian Trail" from Good & Well Supply Co. is placed on a wooden surface with light blue flowers in the background. The candle is scented with bergamot, oakmoss, and patchouli.
WWCO Gift Guide: Father's Day Surprises for the Outdoorsy Dad

When it comes to celebrating Father's Day, selecting the perfect gift for the dad who loves the great outdoors can be a fun journey in itself. If your dad is the type who feels most at home with nature, we've compiled a list of The Wild Wander gift suggestions that are sure to captivate his adventurous spirit. 

Hook the Perfect Gift for the Fly-Fishing Dad

If your father's happy place is by a quiet stream with a fly rod in hand, we have an array offly-fishing-themed gifts that capture his passion. Our durable vinyl stickers are a fun way to personalize dad’s fishing gear or water bottles.

Commemorate his trophy catches with astriped bass,sturgeon or trout sticker. For a practical touch, ourTrout of North America bandanas offer stylish  protection from the sun and thePenco Box Tote is a great choice for helping dad carry his waders, boots and more. 

For his time off the water, consider our hand-illustratedTrout Flies Guide andFreshwater Game Fish letterpress prints. Not only do these unique art prints celebrate the intricacies of aquatic life, but they also make striking additions to any space - from his study to his weekend fishing cabin.

These fly-fishing inspired gifts are the perfect Father's Day catch for the dad who loves the tranquility of casting his line amidst nature's beauty. 

Starry Gifts for the Camping-Loving Dad

Does your dad relish the open air, crackling campfires, and the mesmerizing sight of a starry night sky during camping trips? Our array of camping-themed gifts are sure to light up his Father's Day.

Kick things off with our charming "Best Dad" camping-themed greeting card and add a touch of whimsy to his gear with our Snoopy Camping Mini Patch, a reminder of the timeless joy of camping.

For stargazing dads, consider our "Star Chart" and "Eyes on the Stars, Feet on the Ground" mountain sticker, both capture the grounded yet adventurous spirit of every outdoor-loving father.

And to keep him cozy during those chilly nights around the campfire, a “Camp Coast” Sackcloth and Ashes recycled wool blanket is an eco-friendly, comfortable choice.

For added convenience on his trips, our sturdy, stowableCooler Cargo Bag is perfect to pack-in his favorite camping snacks and beverages. These outdoor essentials make for thoughtful Father's Day gifts, honoring his love for camping and the awe-inspiring night sky.

For the Trail-Blazing Dad 

If your dad's favorite pastime involves lacing up boots and exploring trails, our nature-themedenamel pins andstickers are the perfect additions to his outdoor gear. These stylish tokens can serve as badges marking his trail conquests, from well-trodden paths to future explorations.

For those dads who hold special memories of iconic trails such as theAppalachian Trail,Pacific Crest Trail, orAcadia National Park, consider our hand-illustrated field guide art prints. These detailed art prints capture the unique flora and fauna of each location, acting as a snapshot of the great outdoors that can be appreciated from anywhere.

Sure to evoke the fresh smell of his favorite hike, bring the trails home by gifting dad anAppalachian Trail,Joshua Tree orRedwood candles or air fresheners from Good & Well Co. Offering a daily dose of outdoor inspiration, they're a fitting Father's Day gift for the dad with a fondness for nature and a heart set on adventure.

For the Dad Who Sails the Seas

On the other hand, if your dad's calling lies in the rhythmic lull of the sea, ournautical collection offers a selection of gifts that can accompany him on his seafaring adventures.

Consider aSun and Waves keychain orCommon Knots Bandana for their usefulness during his sailing escapades, but also to serve as fond reminders of his passion when he's ashore.

For those in-between voyages, consider our sea salt and wildflower scentedCape Hatteras candle.

Locally-Made and Eco-Friendly Gifts

(Photo: Sackcloth and Ashes)

This Father's Day, let's honor our planet-loving dads with eco-friendly gifts that align with their respect for Mother Earth.

If your dad appreciates the value of recycling and sustainability, he'll love our Sackcloth and Ashes blankets. Made from recycled wool sourced from up-cycled scrap clothing, these blankets not only provide warmth and comfort but also make a significant contribution to waste reduction. 

Consider including Good and Well Co. candles and air fresheners in your Father's Day gift selection. Infusing spaces with soothing, nature-inspired fragrances, these products are perfect for dads who value both comfort and environmental conservation.

Good and Well Co. stands out for their commitment to sustainability, local farmers support, and fostering diversity in outdoor spaces. In addition to contributing to "1% for the Planet", they also plant a tree in a national forest for every candle sold.

Check out our selection of The Wild Wander greeting cards. We are committed to reducing our footprint by printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper, offering a blend of thoughtfulness and sustainability. These hand-illustrated cards feature lovely artwork that dad can frame later on to add a touch of sentiment to his space. 

This Father's Day, delight your outdoorsy dad with gifts that match his passion and spirit. Whether he's a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the world of outdoor hobbies, the right present can help him feel even more connected to the nature he loves. Let this Father's Day be a celebration of his adventurous spirit and the natural world he cherishes.