Feeling Refreshed!

JANUARY 14, 2022


nicole salle

We're chasing that New Year feeling pretty hard after the holidays and if you're like us, right now nothing feels better than hitting refresh on our homes.

We've gathered up some home decor tips from trusted interior and home staging designers that have used The Wild Wander artwork in their designs.


This colorful styling of our Botanical Hand Print by Relic Design is gorgeous on a jewel-toned backdrop. We chatted with Terese Poulos of Relic Design to see what she had to say about infusing a little more fresh fun into your home. Here's what she said:

"The New Year is a great opportunity to refresh and elevate your space with unique art and objects. Create special "vignettes" around the home with a backdrop of art you love.

We were so excited to feature the "Botanical Hand Print" in our powder room decor. Vibrant green walls and nostalgic vintage objects emphasize the friendship and happiness symbolized by the giving of flowers."

Check out all of Terese's bold and beautiful designs on the Relic Design Instagram

Our black inked letterpress prints, like our Virginia Field Guide, lend themselves so well to simple and clean designs like this one. We especially like adding a frame in an unexpected way.

We asked Brittany Shafer of Bear and Bee Staging if she had any home decor and refreshing tips for the new year. Whether you're preparing to list your home for market or are chasing that new home feeling, here's what she had to say:


"Preparing your home for market can be stressful and overwhelming. Make a checklist now of the items around your home that need a little TLC, like switching out dated ceiling fans and light fixtures, touching up paint, and replacing painted over or cracked outlet and switch plate covers.
Most importantly, clear the clutter and donate items you no longer need or want. Start sooner rather than later and slowly begin checking things off your list. Invite over a friend, the one who always tells you the truth, to help you look things over. Many times we look past our own home’s blemishes because we are around them every day.
Many people do a complete overhaul right before listing their home and ALWAYS say, “I wish I would have done this sooner so I could have enjoyed some of it.”
For more home staging and design inspiration, head over to Bear And Bee's instagram

Looking for more home decor inspiration? Check out Styling With Ray Interiors on the Field Notes blog. Shahana walks us through framing tips for successfully styling your Wild Wander works.


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