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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $70 (Domestic only)

AUG 13, 2021

Styling with Ray Interiors


We had the immense pleasure of working with Shahana of Ray Interiors this month to teach us about styling The Wild Wander at home. We often get questions about framing and displaying letterpress prints, and we're lucky enough to call Shahana a friend. Her advice comes loaded with extensive design experience and a background in fine art. We learned a lot from her about how to showcase our own products.

Here's what she had to say:

Tips for Hanging Framed Art:

As a rule of thumb, hang pictures at eye level - you get the best intended experience that way!

You don't always have to center your artwork on a wall, especially if it's not oversized. Let the other items surrounding the piece (like plants, lamps, furniture, etc.) frame out your hanging art and complete your vignette.

If you feel like your artwork is too small for the wall, put it in a frame proportionally sized for the wall with an extra large matting.

Struggling to decide on a frame? Coordinate your frame with your light fixtures.

Final tip! I love framed art in unexpected places like bathrooms and kitchens. Sit frames on countertops leaning against the wall or hang at eye level over a towel bar.

One of the things I love about the tea towels from Wild Wander is the casual nature of the material. Cotton linen has an easy quality that reminds me of summer picnics and the smell of line dried fabrics. Let it wrinkle, wipe sticky fingers on it - USE it!


We love these tea towels casually draped (rather than perfectly folded) over sink edges and appliance handles.

Pro tip: Skip the dryer and remove directly from the washing machine. Fold and smooth down damp edges to keep the beautiful loosely woven texture of the fabric.


Be sure to head over to Ray Interiors to check out more of their stunning portfolio and ala carte design services

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