WWCo. Summer Bag Essentials

The hottest summer days are ahead of us, and that means we’re keeping our bags packed with stuff to stay cool.

Whether you’re headed to the pool, the beach, or hiking in to your favorite mountain stream for a dip, don’t forget your WWCo. essentials!


Hydration is key year round, but an ice cold water bottle is the first thing going in our summer bags. We love to Personalize our water bottle with durable Wild Wander Co. vinyl stickers.

Our bottle of choice would have to be Nalgene form their Sustain Collection. In case you missed it, we even made a limited edition WWCo. illustrated nalgene for summer. While it sold out quickly make sure to sign up for our emails so you never miss our future limited release items!

2. BAndana

Our bandanas are made of comfy cotton and easy to style around the neck to help keep the sun's rays off us.

Other stylish ways we incorporate them into our summer looks includes wearing them like a headband to keep our hair off our face or around a ponytail to add a bit of interest.

Tie one around the handle of your tote for added style - you never know when you might need one!

3. T-shirt

We love the carefree feeling long summer days provide. Keeping an extra tee in our bag is just smart!

Easily change into something comfy (we suggest any of our super soft t-shirts) to grab a post hike beer.

Our lightweight cotton Work Can Wait Tee perfectly captures the mood of Summer.

4. Towel

Your go-to towel for your summer bag might be a beach towel, but may we make another suggestion? If you’re pressed for space in your bag a smaller towel might do the trick, like one of our all cotton tea towels.

Toweling off isn't always a big ordeal. Maybe all you need is to dry a bit after a wade through a cool creek and then you're onto the rest of the hike.

Keeping a smaller towel on hand is also perfect for folding your lunch up to keep it tidy in your bag and makes a no-waste napkin at the end.
Creekside charcuterie anyone?

5. enamel pins

Though not essential to the success of your time outside, we recommend adding some pins to the outside of your summer bag - just for fun!

Our enamel pins are also great ways to add a bit of personality to your bucket hat or backpack strap. Get out there and show off in the sun!

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