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Wander with us.
OCT 7, 2021

Wander with us

nicole salle

Now that leaves are changing into their lovely autumn hues, we're lacing up our hiking shoes and headed to the mountains. Here at The Wild Wander, we're lucky to be a short drive from some of the best mountain views the east coast has to offer. We've rounded up our team's favorite parks and paths to share with you.

CLARA's top trails

Clara is the mastermind behind The Wild Wander and enjoys trails that are easygoing so she can take in all of the scenery with her children, husband, and her two australian shepherds Pike and Heidi.

(Yes, they are as adorable as they sound and you can find photos of them on our instagram!)

York River State Park- Growing up in Newport News, this park captures a particular sense of nostalgia for Clara. Anyone who lives near the beach knows the calming palette of the sky, water and trees that you can find here. This park is never over-crowded and has lots of little nooks to explore. Plus a meandering beach full of organic treasure.

Mt Pleasant - A loop trail located outside of Vesuvius, Virginia. This is a choose your own adventure type hike because there are two paths off of the trail head that lead to the summit. Clara loves this trail because it's a moderate, wooded hike that opens up to a beautiful meadow with a mountain view. She notes that the transition in landscape is particularly breathtaking.


Lauren runs fulfillment in our studio and is no stranger to the Virginia mountains. She likes trailing around with her partner and spending time with family on Smith Mountain Lake.

Growing up in Roanoke, Lauren has fond memories of hiking nearby at Mill Mountain Park. This famous park is the quintessential "in your backyard" experience and houses the Roanoke Star. The trails offer a lovely sampling of the blue ridge and overlook picturesque downtown

Cascade's National Recreation Trail - if you love waterfalls, this recommendation from Lauren looks perfect! located along the state line in Jefferson National Forest, this trail meanders alongside mountain creek beds. A simple 4 mile hike with plenty of places to stray off the mainstay and hang a while.

NICOLE'S top trails

Nicole is our marketing gal at The Wild Wander and grew up in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Nicole enjoys trips to the Blue Ridge with her partner and two pups as a reprieve from city life.

Shenandoah River State Park - Nicole loves trailing through this state park in the fall when the leaves have changed color. The park offers easy-going wide paths, a river in the valley between the mountains, and a nature center. Plus an easily accessible scenic overlook if you would like to skip over the hike and get straight to the best part. Let's face it, that can just as fun! (Photo Credit: Miranda Anderson)

The Priest - This discreet trail is not a far drive from Clara's pick Mt. Pleasant and offers a few more challenges on the way up. If you're a hiker who likes a dose of type two fun like Nicole, this is it. The view at the top is an idyllic vignette of the Blue Ridge - soft, tree covered, blue-green mountains that roll into each other. She especially recommends hiking with someone who can help you keep up good morale on the way to the top.

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