The Fall Edit

OCT 1, 2021


nicole salle

Fall is a wonderful time to reflect inward, harvest what you've been growing and usher in a slower, cozy energy. We're here to help.

Here in Virginia we're one of the lucky few states with the ocean on our right and mountains on our left. Spending our summers in the sand has come to a close. A hike through one of our expansive state or national parks is a wonderful way to celebrate the Autumn equinox. Use your state's Field Guide to spot natural wonders along your wanders.

Hiking in to fish mountain streams is a great way to actively connect to nature this time of year. Water temperatures are cooling off, and fish are actively feeding to bulk up for their winter slumbers.

Brook trout, featured on our Native Trout Bandana, are a Fall spawning species. When you're creekside, lookout for them on their spawning redds (where they lay eggs). These fish populations will reawaken and be ready for anglers in the Spring months.

Fall is an exciting time for upland bird hunters. That crisp Autumn morning search for quail or grouse is also a time for reflection and patience. A feeling especially nostalgic for hunters who have passed this tradition through the generations.

Trailside mushrooms are such a wonder to keep an eye out for on hikes. These "fun guys" are gaining a lot of attention in foraging and hiking circles lately. Quests for these will tell you where the soil is happiest and they even communicate underground with the surrounding plants.

The Poisonous Mushrooms Chart might be our spookiest print with names like "Autumn skullcap, Jack-o-lantern mushroom, devil's bolete, and destroying angel." Add it seamlessly with all of your other decor through the end of the year.