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The kitchen is the heart of the holidays for many of us, and our herb box brings the warmth and light of summer herbs to your midwinter table.  

In each beautifully gift packaged box you'll find:

  • The Wild Wander Herbs Guide flour sack tea towel

  • Mother Shrub's Ginger Drinking Vinegar

  • Fool's Gold Lavender infused Southern Wildflower Honey

  • Set of 8 illustrated herb recipe cards from The Wild Wander

  • The Freckled Farm's Sunrise Citrus goat milk dish soap


Fool's Gold

Lewisville, North Carolina

Fool's Gold beekeeper Nate brings us this sweet southern gold locally sourced from North Carolina wildflowers. Fool's Gold cares foremost about protecting North Carolina's pollinators and the environment they support, and the lavender flower infusion is Nate's favorite flavor.

This bright honey works just as well in savory and sweet flavors, and pairs well with warm green tea, desserts, and chocolate.

the Freckled farm
soap company

Goochland, Virginia

Along with their two children, Crystal and Kevin create their eco-friendly goat's milk soaps on their small organic goat farm in Goochland.  

We were instantly drawn to the sunny and sustainable option of their Sunrise Citrus bar dish soap. Brimming with the wintry fragrances of citrus and rosemary, it will make holiday dishes a welcome moment.

Mother shrub

Richmond, Virginia

Meredyth Archer grew up sharing tart and sweet drinking vinegar with her grandmother in West Virginia, who used it as a cure-all for everything. Mother Shrub was born when she later found a recipe for fruit sweetened vinegar from a hand me dow family cookbook from the 1800s.

Add a splash of the ginger shrub to a mug of warm water for a soothing winter elixir, or try it as a mixer for one of the cocktail recipes included in the box.


One of the greatest joys of being a creative small business is meeting and working with other makers.

We are so happy to end this year in the company of so many makers we admire in The Wild Wander Post & Parcel sets, and hope you get the chance to explore more of the makers we love.