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25% off shirts and prints with code EAGLESCREECH22 - Ends July 4!


It's no surprise that The Wild Wander is inspired by walks in the woods, and the Evergreen box is a celebration of the solitude and warmth of the winter forest.

In each beautifully gift packaged box you'll find:

  • The Wild Wander Evergreens & Conifers Bandana

  • Lineage Goods' Pine Camp Candle

  • Trail Toddy's Citrus Hot Toddy Kit

  • Set of 8 Evergreen & Conifer greeting cards from The Wild Wander

  • Freckled Farm's Virginia Cedar Goat Milk Soap


the Freckled farm
soap company

Goochland, Virginia

Along with their two children, Crystal and Kevin create their eco-friendly goat's milk soaps on their small organic goat farm in Goochland.  

We were instantly drawn to the sunny and sustainable option of their Sunrise Citrus bar dish soap. Brimming with the wintry fragrances of citrus and rosemary, it will make holiday dishes a welcome moment.

Trail toddy

Portland, Oregon

Josh and Isabel craft their adventure ready toddy mixes with sustainability in every step. Spices are sourced from a family owned organic business in Bellingham, the organic wildflower honey is from Mickelberry Gardens outside of Portland, and the packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Whether you're packing it for a hike, or cozying up on the couch, their Citrus Trail Toddy brings the warmth and nostalgia of a walk in the woods to your cup.

Lineage Goods

Richmond, Virginia

Lineage Goods are longtime friends of The Wild Wander, and their candles are a team favorite.

With notes of pine, balsam, and cedar, the crisp and citrus fragrance of the Pine Camp candle brings to mind time spent in the highland winter woods.


One of the greatest joys of being a creative small business is meeting and working with other makers.

We are so happy to end this year in the company of so many makers we admire in The Wild Wander Post & Parcel sets, and hope you get the chance to explore more of the makers we love.